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Raising Happy and Self Confident children

Today we will be speaking about how to raise children who are happy, healthy and self confident. Every parent’s dream.

For those who have not made me yet, my name is Elona Lopari and I help women professionals find work, get promoted or start their own business so they can realize their potentials and match their passions to their lifestyles. My specialty is mindset and confidence coaching because I believe that having the confidence and learning how to train your mind toward results are the single most important factors in order to achieve your goals.

The way we talk to our children is the greatest factor that is shaping their personalities. Raising happy self confident its a much more difficult job than it seems but it is possible and worth learning about as a parent due to all of us understanding what an important responsibility parenting is.

I have learned through my own experience with my kids and coaching other moms that there are certain ways that we interact with our children to ensure their success in life.

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