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Looking back and looking forward through the generations

I think that the best aim here is to be happy parents for most of the time. But the reality is that there will always be challenging and stressful times and hurdles we will come across to jump over. Some of them quite high. So I imagine the contributions in this magazine will be on “How to be happy parents” and how to overcome the many challenges faced, not just in their growing up but also into adulthood. And then of course, being happy grandparents and the new lease of life it brings. What will we do differently and what will be the valuable experiences that we can use? For both our children and grandchildren.

I think that the best aim here is to be happy parents for most of the time.

The 21st century family

Another point to make is that families exist in so many forms today, where it may be children with different mothers or fathers, living with one and seeing the other, either frequently or occasionally. Or maybe never. And today we have an increasing number of same sex parents, two mothers or two fathers, or while both same sex, one will take more of the role of the mother and the other more the role of the father. It will also be interesting to see the differences and similarities with various cultures and countries around the world.

Mixed memories of my childhood

I didn’t have that perfect happy family upbringing. My mother left my father when I was around 30 months and my sister 18 months, which was quite a thing for that time. From then on, it was living at different places with either my grandparents, in a children’s home, my dad and stepmother, my mother and husband number two, then just the two of us, followed by with husband number three, all in different homes and locations. There is a lot buried in all of that and maybe one day it will go into a book. I mention it now because I envy those that have a stable and happy family that stay together as a family unit. I regret that it did not work out with my first wife, the mother of all four of our children.

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