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Emotions – Our Educated Intellect

Who says unconditional love isn’t found? I remember and experienced it from my unconditionally loving and supportive parents.
I was shy, unassertive and timid at school and warm-hearted and head-strong at home. I only knew how to communicate myself to my parents or speaking to my own self in front of the mirror. I also remember not being able to handle big emotions too well and not being good with conflict resolution.
I was fearful of conflicts and to avoid them, I never engaged in them. However, I have learnt how to choose my own battles now. I was an adorable and extremely conscientious daughter one could ask for. My father’s favourite quote till date, “I am proud of my daughter”.

My mother shared her own struggles and feelings with such intensity, while my father showcased himself stronger to all what was going on in his life. He never labelled his feelings. As a child, it complicated my communication with my own emotions. My mother, who had a finely tuned sense of emotional acuity, identified each emotional muscle of mine. Looking back, I feel I didn’t have the requisite tools to verbalise, label or understand my own emotions. And my parents, were so busy in lovingly taking care of me, I didn’t feel the need to be even conscious of them.
While learning to live an independent life, and now without the love and comfort of my parents, I learnt to observe and listen to my own emotions deeply.

“Our emotions need to be as educated as our intellect. It is important to know how to feel, respond and live them, so they can touch your life.”

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